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What to Expect During Your Free Personal Injury Consultation

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October 4th, 2022
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You will likely be overwhelmed after an accident. Working with a personal injury attorney shouldn’t add to the stress. When you find the right lawyer, they will reduce your worries and guide you through the legal process effectively. You should be able to learn exactly what to expect as you work with your attorney during your free personal injury lawyer consultation.

What’s the Purpose of a Personal Injury Consultation?

A consultation with a personal injury attorney helps you determine whether they are the right lawyer for you. You will want to ensure they understand your needs and can help you meet your goals. The best personal injury lawyer will communicate with you frequently while handling the little details efficiently. A free injury lawyer consultation allows you to ask questions and determine what steps you should take going forward.

Your Injury Lawyer Will Review Your Case

When you meet with your personal injury lawyer for the first time, they will review your case and help you understand how the law applies to your situation. Michigan personal injury law requires in-depth knowledge about negligence, fault, liability, and other factors that will lead you to increased compensation. Your attorney will listen to your story and review your documents, then provide an overview of how the law can support your claim.

Your free personal injury case review can help you understand your case’s worth. An excellent personal injury attorney will have many past cases on which they can estimate the value of your insurance claim. Although it’s impossible to determine exactly how much money you will get, your attorney can probably give you a range after viewing your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Assessing the Options for Your Claim

During your consultation, your injury attorney will present you with all your options. You may be able to file an insurance claim with one or more companies. You may also be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. You can either work towards a settlement or take your case to court and try to get a jury verdict against the at-fault party. You have multiple options that your attorney can help you understand.

Do You Need to Bring Anything to Your Consultation?

When you meet with your attorney for the first time, you should bring as much information as possible to support your case. This will reduce the time your personal injury lawyer spends searching for documents and investigating other parties, witnesses, and events.

Some of the items you should bring to your consultation include:

  • Police report or accident report
  • Medical bills and records
  • Proof of lost wages and benefits used (PTO, vacation time, sick time)
  • W2s and prior years’ tax forms
  • Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Estimates for property damage repairs
  • Contact information for the at-fault party and eyewitnesses
  • Audio recordings
  • Photos or videos of the scene of the accident
  • Photographs of injuries
  • Insurance policy numbers (if available)
  • Communication you have received from insurance companies
  • A post-accident journal or pain journal

Your accident attorney will try to determine exactly what your damages are, how to begin investigating your claims, and what steps you should take next.

Questions to Ask and Expect During Your Consultation

You and your attorney will likely have many questions during your consultation. You should take notes so you can write down information to be remembered later.

Questions Your Attorney Will Ask You

Some questions your attorney will likely ask you during your consultation include the following:

  • What type of injury did you sustain?
  • How do your symptoms and pain affect your life?
  • Have you talked to the insurance company or any other lawyers?
  • Have any insurance companies made you a settlement offer?
  • Have you signed anything sent to you by the insurance company?
  • Are you employed? If so, do you have employment documents?
  • Have you missed work? If so, how much time and have you used time off benefits?
  • Are you able to return to work as usual?
  • Have your doctors given you any restrictions on your ability to work?
  • Do you have insurance that might cover this accident? (e.g., Personal Injury Protection (PIP))
  • Do you have information about the at-fault party’s insurance policy?
  • Do you have any notices or lien claims on your recovery?

Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney

You can ask your attorney any question that will clarify your understanding of your case. Some questions that you should ask your personal injury attorney include the following:

  • Who will handle my case?
  • Who will I talk to when I call for a case update?
  • Have you handled cases like mine?
  • Have you handled cases involving this specific insurance company?
  • Do you work with specific doctors or experts who give opinions in cases like mine?
  • Have you helped people like me get settlements in cases like mine?
  • Will I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?
  • Will I have to go to court?
  • What do I need to do for you to handle my case?

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