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Attorney Maurice Davis Represents Four Tops Lead Singer in Case Against Hospital

Detroit Personal Injury Attorney Maurice Davis is representing Alexander Morris, the lead singer of the Motown group the Four Tops, in a racial discrimination lawsuit against a Michigan hospital. The 53-year-old is claiming that the staff at Ascension Macomb Oakland Hospital in Warren deemed him…

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When Can You Sue Someone for Emotional Distress?

29.06.2023 in Personal Injury

Broken bones and other physical injuries aren’t the only damages you may endure after an accident. You could suffer emotional damage, requiring therapy and continued support to heal. What Is Emotional Distress? Emotional distress involves psychological trauma and loss that substantially impacts you. Your personal…

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Types of Pain & Suffering Damages

28.04.2023 in Personal Injury

In addition to damages like medical bills and lost wages, you could also recover for your pain and suffering. These damages come in many forms. Understanding the non-economic damages you might be entitled to helps maximize your compensation and ensure you’re well taken care of…

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How to Prove Pain & Suffering in Court

14.02.2023 in Personal Injury

When you have suffered an injury or illness caused by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to compensation for your damages. You might expect to recover compensation for your medical costs and lost wages; however, you could also recover non-economic damages like pain and…

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