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What to Do if You’re Hit by an Uninsured Driver in Detroit

Dealing with insurance companies is almost always stressful, and customer service representatives often make things more difficult. Their job is to help the insurance company make money – not necessarily make your life easier. If you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver, you may…

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Two vehicles smashed face first into each other

How to Determine Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident

28.09.2022 in Car Accidents

While Michigan requires drivers to have no-fault insurance that covers damages regardless of who caused an accident, you still must determine fault. You may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to cover losses above what your no-fault policy will cover.

One of the main challenges in a car accident lawsuit is proving who is at fault. Once you establish the other driver caused the accident, you hold them financially liable and get compensation from them to cover your damages.

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Woman frantic on the phone after car accident

What to Do After a Detroit Car Accident

20.09.2022 in Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Car accidents are sudden traumatic experiences that can leave you wondering what to do next. You might feel helpless if you or your loved ones were severely injured. However, you can take steps immediately after a crash and in the days following the wreck. These actions can help you move forward with life after a car accident and get the compensation you need from insurance companies.

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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?

19.10.2021 in Car Accidents

Health insurance may or may not cover your costs after a car accident in Michigan. Each accident is different and depends upon how much medical coverage your auto insurance offers. Keep reading to learn more about using health insurance after a car accident in Michigan….

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Stressed woman types on phone after car accident

How Does PIP Coverage Work in Michigan?

15.05.2021 in Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Personal injury protection or “PIP’ is coverage under your auto insurance policy for the healthcare expenses associated with a car crash. After all, you will likely have significant medical bills, lost wages, and more. PIP applies to both injured policyholders and passengers. Read below to…

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Cars driving down highway in afternoon

Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents

23.04.2021 in Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen anywhere to anyone at any time. Some of them are impossible to avoid, but most crashes can be prevented. By knowing common causes of car accidents, you can take steps to avoid them daily. 1. Distracted Driving By far, the top…

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