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Have you suffered critical injury or illness due to an environmental hazard, defective product, or another party’s negligent actions? If a larger group experienced the same trauma, you could begin a class action lawsuit.

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Why You Need a Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

Class action lawsuits are difficult to navigate and involve many moving parts. Greedy insurance companies will do anything to prevent you from recovering compensation for your damages. An attorney takes care of everything.

We will:

  • Investigate your case
  • Gather evidence to strengthen your claim
  • Help you get medical treatment and have your bills deferred until you’re able to pay them
  • Negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement
  • Represent you at trial if necessary

What Is a Class Action?

A class action is a type of lawsuit involving multiple plaintiffs that come together to file a civil action on behalf of a “class.” The class refers to a large group of people suffering damages due to the defendant’s actions. Class action lawsuits allow court systems to handle civil claims involving several claimants.

What Factors Make a Case Eligible for a Class Action?

Speaking with a class action lawyer is the best way to determine what action is possible in your case. Generally, class representatives and class action attorneys work together to determine whether a class action lawsuit is right for your case.

However, before a class action moves forward, a judge must certify it. To get the judge to certify the class action, the class representative must prove the injury victims have a right to pursue legal action against the liable party and that all involved class members have claims of the same nature.

Who’s the Class Action Representative?

The class action representative refers to the first party to hire a class action attorney to take on their case. The class action representative is responsible for working with class action attorneys on behalf of all plaintiffs in the case. This is a critical distinction, as class action representatives may be awarded more compensation than other plaintiffs.

Can You Join a Class?

It is difficult to say without having reviewed the circumstances of your case whether it is in your best interests to join a class or start a new one. One of the benefits of joining a class action lawsuit is that there is minimal financial risk. You won’t have to give depositions or pursue your case at trial. Instead, you may eventually be awarded a settlement check once the class action has been resolved.

Can Multiple Firms Be Involved?

Multiple firms may get involved hoping to become the class action representative of the lawsuit. If this happens in your case, the judge examines the circumstances of the class action to determine which firm is best suited to proceed for all of the class members in your case.

What’s the Process for Filing a Class Action Lawsuit?

To begin your class action lawsuit, you must reach out to an attorney for help. Your attorney can analyze the circumstances of your case and determine how to move forward with your class action lawsuit according to Michigan Rule 3.501 Class Actions.

Here, your attorney appoints a class action representative and works with the court to determine who leads the class action lawsuit.

Your class action lawyers then file a complaint with the Michigan civil court system. Here, we will detail how the defendant is responsible for causing the class member’s injuries and damages, including all relevant evidence to support your case.

Our goal will be to convince the judge to give your case class-action status so you can move forward with your claim against the liable party and fight to hold them accountable.

How Is the Settlement Money Distributed?

In a traditional personal injury claim, you might be awarded compensation through an insurance settlement or personal injury payout. However, settlement money in a class action lawsuit is distributed differently.

Since the entire class is awarded compensation, the amount awarded to each class member varies depending on several factors, including the severity of your injuries and damages, the extent of your suffering, financial losses, and other factors.

Where Is a Michigan Class Action Suit Filed?

Traditionally, class action lawsuits will be filed in federal court. However, when you are moving forward with a class action in Michigan, you have multiple options. The federal court system is divided into Eastern and Western Districts in Michigan.

The following courts you could file your class action lawsuit with include:

  • Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Kalamazoo in the Western District
  • Federal Building, Ann Arbor in the Eastern District
  • Gerald R. Ford Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Grand Rapids in the Western District
  • Theodore Levin United States Courthouse, Detroit in the Eastern District

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Pursuing a class action lawsuit may seem impossible when recovering from the trauma you endured. You need an experienced legal advocate on your side who will stop at nothing to recover the compensation and benefits you are entitled to.

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