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How a Truck Insurance Company Investigates a Crash

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November 21st, 2019
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When you file an injury claim in any type of motor vehicle collision, you expect an investigation into the causes and nature of your bodily harm. An insurer will always carefully evaluate the details before approving your claim, since a payout affects the company’s bottom line. The basic process is similar if you were hurt in a crash involving a truck, but some aspects of the insurance company investigation will be far more complicated. At a time when you should focus on recovering from your injuries, it’s wise to trust a truck accident lawyer to protect your interests.

At Davis Injury Lawyers, PLLC, we know what to anticipate with truck crash insurance company investigations because we have decades of combined experience fighting for injured victims. Questions and probing by an adjuster can be stressful, so allow our team to take on the legal hassles. For more information on how a Detroit truck accident attorney can assist with your claim, please call (313) 818-3238 or use our online contact form to set up a complimentary consultation. You may also find it helpful to review a few considerations.

Reasons Behind Insurance Company Truck Accident Investigations

Insurers are businesses first, so they’re motivated by profits. Your injury claim puts their financial interests at risk, so these companies will try to find reasons to deny it. The goal of the investigation is to uncover any information that pertains to the two main components of a truck crash:

  1. Fault: If their policyholder was not responsible for causing the collision, the insurance company won’t have to pay out. As such, the adjuster assigned to your claim will investigate all contributing factors behind the collision. Whenever they can pin fault on you, even party, the insurance company can justify a denial of your claim or lowball offer to settle.
  2. Injuries: Your monetary damages are based upon the severity of your injuries, so your potential payout incorporates medical costs, pain, suffering, and other losses. Therefore, the insurance adjuster will scrutinize your medical records and other information to find proof that you weren’t hurt badly.

These two factors are an issue in any motor vehicle accident claim, but the stakes are higher for a truck accident. The reason is insurance coverage amounts. The minimum auto insurance requirements in Michigan are $20,000 for bodily injury, with a total maximum of $40,000 per incident. The minimum coverage for a truck operator is $750,000, established by federal regulation. When an insurance company could be accountable to pay up to the policy limit, the truck crash investigation will be comprehensive and intense.

Insurance Company Investigation Tactics

The first step in a truck accident investigation takes place behind the scenes when the insurer assigns your claim to its most experienced, skilled claims adjuster. This employee likely has a solid track record with examining fault and injuries, and identifying weaknesses in claims. The adjuster will coordinate with special investigators, accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and the legal department as part of the process. Tactics may include:

  • Reviewing the language of the truck insurance policy to exploit loopholes;
  • Inspecting your medical records and notes from treating physicians;
  • Interviewing the truck operator to determine the causes behind the crash;
  • Getting statements from other drivers, their passengers, and witnesses;
  • Acquiring surveillance video footage from businesses in the vicinity of the collision;
  • Analyzing your social media profiles for posts or activities that are inconsistent with your injuries; and
  • Many other strategies to dissect every aspect of your injury claim.

Truck Accident Investigations and Your Legal Rights

There will come a point where the insurance company will turn its inquiry on you, which is why you should retain a truck accident lawyer for this aspect of the investigation. You can trust your attorney to protect your rights when handling phone calls, messages, and other communications with the claims adjuster. However, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • It’s likely that the truck insurance company will contact you for an interview shortly after the crash. Only provide basic information and make sure to offer your lawyer’s contact details. You should politely decline to answer questions about your injuries, treatment, or causes behind the collision.
  • Under no circumstances should you allow the insurance adjuster to record your statements.
  • Avoid posting details about your injuries or the crash on social media. Your comments, photos, videos, and other content can be used against you.

Schedule a No-Cost Consultation with a Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer

In a truck crash claim, the insurance company’s investigation is designed to protect its own interests – not yours. Because of potential pitfalls that affect your rights as an injured victim, you should count on our knowledgeable attorneys at Davis Injury Lawyers, PLLC to help you navigate the process.

Please call our Detroit office at (313) 818-3238 or our online contact form to set up a free case evaluation regarding your circumstances.