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Simple At Home Motorcycle Maintenance That Can Prevent an Accident

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November 12th, 2020
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Although some motorcycle accidents are 100% the other person’s fault, there are precautions you can take to prevent some crashes. Simple at-home maintenance will make sure your ride is in good condition while you prepare to get on the road.

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Motorcycle Maintenance You Can Do At Home

Keeping your motorcycle in top-top shape will keep you safe on the road. When checking your bike over, you can make sure you cover all your bases with The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s checklist. This checklist uses the acronym T-CLOCS, which stands for tires and wheels, controls, lights & electronics, oil & other fluids, chassis, and stands.

Check Your Tires, Wheels & Brakes

You should always check your tires, wheels, and brakes before taking off on a ride. Evaluate tread depth and wear. Double check your air pressure and add air, if necessary. Make sure your brakes are functioning properly.

Ensure Your Controls Are Working

If your controls need maintenance, you might need to seek out a repair shop. However, you can probably diagnose the problem at home. Make sure your handlebars, levels and pedals, cables, hoses, and throttle are in good working order every time you go on a ride. You can probably replace cables and hoses yourself, but if anything is bent or won’t turn freely, you may need professional help.

Make Sure Your Lights & Electrics Work

You should check the status of your headlamp and other lights before every ride. You can change bulbs and adjust them at home. Electrical issues often involve faying or insulation may come off wires. This can be handled in a home shop or by a professional. Mirrors should also be checked for cracks. Clean them before and after every ride or any time you go through bad weather.

Check Your Oil & Other Fluids

An easy task you can do at home is checking your oil and other fluids. You should check for levels before a ride and top anything off if necessary. However, it’s particularly important to check for leaks after a ride, as that is when you’ll notice drops escaping through small cracks.

Make Sure Your Chassis Is In Good Shape

View your frame, suspension, chain or belt, and fasteners on your bike both before and after every ride. You can often replace parts like a chain or suspension in an at-home shop, but let professionals handle hard work that will impact the value of your bike and its safety on the road.

Make Sure Stands are Straight

Your center and side stands should be straight and without cracks. If they need replaced, you can easily get the part at an Auto Zone or other motorcycle parts store.

Keep Your Bike In the Best Shape to Avoid a Wreck

We know you’ll do everything possible to avoid a wreck. However, when other people fail to look out for bikers or act irresponsibly, a crash can still happen. If you’ve been in an accident, contact Davis Injury Lawyers, PLLC today at (313) 462-7979 or use our online contact form to reach out.