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Is the Michigan Dept. of Transportation at Fault for Accidents on Shoddy Roads?

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March 3rd, 2022
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Many people are quick to assume that motor vehicle accidents are always caused by unsafe or negligent driving. However, when the roads across Michigan are hazardous, broken, or otherwise dangerous to drivers and passengers alike, who should be held accountable?

Government agencies responsible for road safety and maintenance can be brought to justice when their negligent actions cause motor vehicle accidents across the state. For Michigan, this often means the Michigan Department of Transportation could be culpable for accidents caused by broken or shoddy roads.

MDOT Liability for Deadly I-75 Accident

The Michigan Department of Transportation was recently accused of negligence after two young men were killed in a collision on southbound I-75 near Adams in Troy. An initial driver lost control of their vehicle, and when another man stopped to help, a third driver of a full-size van lost control and slammed into the initial collision. According to the police report, road surfaces were wet that day, but neither driver was operating at higher than normal speed limits.

There have been several accidents on this same portion of I-75 since the Michigan Department of Transportation poured a new section of southbound I-75. During construction, crews experienced an issue that the MDOT decided to ignore, and the road was opened anyway. Since the concrete did not cure or settle properly, it sunk into the pavement, leaving a dip in the roadway where water could pool.

It has also been reported that issues surrounding this stretch of road have previously been reported to MDOT as far back as July 2021. Crash reports indicate a pattern of collisions on the stretch of road, totaling 16 motor vehicle collisions, eight of which involve the wet roads that caused cars to lose control.

When is MDOT Liable for Car Accident Injuries and Fatalities?

Under the law known as sovereign immunity, government agencies cannot generally be named in lawsuits unless it can be proven that road defects caused car accident injuries and fatalities. Further, MDOT can only be liable if it can be proven that they did not take steps to make necessary repairs, notice defects, or failed to make necessary repairs in a reasonable amount of time.

However, if multiple accidents have been reported along the stretches of roads, and MDOT is aware that the roadways may not be safe due to defects, failure to make these repairs is tantamount to negligence. If MDOTs negligence causes your car accident injury or a loved one’s death, you may be able to bypass sovereign immunity and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

How to Hold Government Agencies Accountable

If you are interested in learning more about how you could hold MDOT accountable for the injuries you sustained or the death of a loved one, you should reach out to a car accident attorney in Michigan for help.

Generally, you may be able to settle your case outside of court with an insurance company. However, if your damages exceed what the insurance company is required to cover, or the insurance company is unwilling to settle your claim fairly, bringing MDOT to court may be the best way to secure maximum compensation for your damages.

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