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Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Michigan

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February 25th, 2023
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While Michigan doesn’t always require you to wear a helmet, choosing to forgo head protection could impact how much compensation you receive. You should know Michigan’s helmet laws and how they could affect your case.

Do You Have to Ride with a Helmet?

Michigan’s motorcycle helmet laws state that all motorcyclists under 21 must wear helmets. However, all other passengers and motorcyclists are no longer required to wear helmets.

Can You Ever Ride without a Helmet?

Anyone over the age of 21 needs to meet specific requirements if they are going to ride without a helmet. For example, motorcyclists who ride without a helmet must have a minimum of $20,000 in first-party medical liability coverage through their auto insurance provider.

Before operating your motorcycle without a helmet, even if you have met the insurance requirements, you still need to have your motorcycle endorsement for a minimum of two years and have completed a state-approved motorcycle safety course.

Motorcycle riders must have an additional $20,000 in first party medical insurance for passengers. Michigan’s motorcycle helmet laws only cover motorcyclists. If, for example, you were operating a moped, you must wear a helmet if you are riding on a public road and are under the age of 19.

What Are the Penalties for Riding without a Helmet?

Anyone under 21 operating a motorcycle without a helmet could face a civil infraction. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could be fined. However, your driving record or motorcycle license will not be assessed points.

Could You Be Liable for Injuries if You Don’t Wear a Helmet?

While you might not face criminal penalties for not wearing a helmet, it could still negatively impact your ability to recover compensation from the liable party.

Insurance companies always look for opportunities to escape financial responsibility and blame you. Not wearing a helmet may be considered a disregard for your safety.

Michigan is a modified comparative negligence state. If the court system finds you partially responsible for your injuries for failing to wear your motorcycle helmet, your compensation could be limited. If you’re more than 50% responsible, you could lose out on compensation entirely.

If you’re less than 50% responsible, the court reduces your compensation by whatever percentage they decide. For example, if they find you 10% liable for your damages, and your total compensation is $100,000, you’ll receive $90,000.

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After you have suffered critical motorcycle accident injuries, you may not know where to turn. The liable party will likely argue you are partially responsible for causing your injuries.

If you were not wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time of the collision, this could significantly impact your case.

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